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Rehabilitation & Therapy at Madison Health

Our specialists have the training, experience and expertise to provide the highest quality, patient-focused rehabilitative care for all ages and levels of ability.

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Local Rehabilitation & Therapy Services

Madison Health Rehabilitation Services offers a wide-range of programs, with proven outcomes. 

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Whether recovering from an injury or illness, our Occupational and Physical therapists provide a wide range of services to help you regain your highest level of function. All you need is a prescription from your doctor to receive therapy services.

Speech Therapy

Our Speech-Language Pathologists are trained in a variety of techniques to work with children and adults who experience difficulty with communication or swallowing due to stroke, brain injury, neurological disease, head and neck cancer, vocal abuse or misuse, developmental delays or disabilities and auditory problems.

Our pathologists use specialized techniques and have been certified in VitalStim, a device used to stimulate and strengthen swallowing muscles, for treatment of swallowing disorders. Modified barium swallow (MBS) studies are also provided for patients experiencing difficulties swallowing, commonly due to a stroke, head injury or any other neurological condition.

Pediatric Rehabilitation

Your child is important to us. Our goal is to help your child achieve maximum independence and our team can help with a variety of neurological, developmental and rehabilitative issues

For some children, therapy is needed to improve joint range of motion or strengthening. For many patients, therapy involves working on developmental skills, i.e. rolling, sitting, crawling, walking and jumping.

We use creative play to enhance an atmosphere of fun, motivating the child to acquire the skills needed to improve his or her environment.

Our Services

Our team is dedicated to increasing your quality of life and getting you back to your normal routines. We provide care for conditions such as:

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Occupational Therapy

Carpal tunnel syndrome


Hand injuries

Brain injuries

Developmental delays

Joint protection

Neurological impairments

Urinary incontinence

Lymphedema treatment, specializing in Complete Decongestive Therapy

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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy treatments

Orthopedic injuries

Sports injuries

Back injuries or pain

Neck injuries or pain


Developmental delays

Pain during or after pregnancy

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Speech Therapy

Difficulty with speech sound production

Swallowing disorders

Resonance/voice disorders

Cognition/memory impairments


Mouth and facial weakness

Feeding difficulties

Language comprehension and expression disorders

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Pediatric Rehabilitation

Orthopedic injuries

Spina bifida

Developmental delays


Abnormal gait